Operating System Training Objectives

  • Design and Implementation of Operating System
  • Operating System Principles - practical and theoretical functionalities
  • Experimenting and evaluating various Operating Systems
  • Scheduling and work order management in CPU
  • Various software techniques for the IPC and its interaction with the hardware.
  • Process Management, Memory Management, File System Management, IO Management and Security

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The learning paths are very defined with clear benchmarks. Quantitative assessments at regular intervals measure the success of the learning program.

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The training can be supplemented with appropriate certifications that are recognized across the industry.

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Operating System Training

Operating system courses in Mazenet gives the candidates an insight into the foundation of modern computer technology. OS experts are required for programming applications. The OS can control all hardware and software resources, contributing to common services for programs. Mazenet provides comprehensive training in Windows Administration, Linux Administration, Unix Shell Scripting and Mac OS.

The course material includes topics such as process creation, CPU scheduling, the various scheduling algorithms, how CPU, Memory and Disk work together, Memory management in Operating Systems, process allocation from hard disk to RAM and allocation strategies used by operating systems. This course equips the candidates with the tools, knowledge and skills to manage, configure or troubleshoot servers and networks along with testing and debugging.

The course modules are structured to give an empirical value and understanding to the candidates. However, all course modules are highly customizable and can be structured to suit the requirements of your organization.

Course Preview

  • What is an Operating system?
  • Who are the various OS vendors?
  • Difference between Client and Server OS?
  • Different types of editions
  • Prerequisites to install
  • Hardware requirements
  • What are the various pre-requirements for installing a Windows OS?
  • What is partitioning in an HDD?
  • File Systems and types of File systems
  • Various editions of Windows client and Server OS
  • Various Licensing types
  • Remote installation of Windows 7 OS
  • Windows Taskbar
  • Pinning of applications and folders
  • Jump Lists
  • Desktop Gadgets
  • Windows 7 Themes
  • Introduction to various Windows operating systems
  • Installing various Windows operating systems
  • Post-installation configurations
  • Local User administration
  • Introduction to various server roles
  • Domain User administration
  • Assigning folder permissions
  • Introduction to Domain Trees and Forests
  • Various backup processes
  • FSMO roles and its uses
  • Optimization for peak performances
  • Importance for Windows updates

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