Cloud Computing Corporate Training for Professionals

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Cloud computing is the shared pool of computer resources and higher-level services that can be quickly provisioned with minimal management work, usually on the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and the economics of scale. Third-party clouds help companies to focus on core businesses instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance.

Key Features

Course description

AWS Associate & Architect

By validating AWS Associate training, one can be technical expertise in designing and deploying scalable, fault-tolerant in the AWS Platform. AWS Architect training is consumed by most of the professionals who are into Solution Architect in the AWS Platform.

Salesforce Admin 201 & app builder

App Builder is designed for developers who could execute the knowledge and skills in designing, developing and implementing custom applications. Salesforce administrator training will help the working Salesforce Administrative professionals.

Microservices Architecture

Microservice Architecture is a loosely coupled service, It is a software development technique. It enables the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications.

Google cloud - Cloud Architecture

Taking up the training in Google Cloud platform - Cloud Architecture will help the individual to design, develop, secure scalable and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

Course Preview

  • Introduction to Cloud
  • What is Cloud ?
  • Advantages of cloud
  • Types of cloud
  • Cloud Delivery Models
  • Cloud Levels
  • Pit fall of cloud
  • Introduction to Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Google Computing Services
  • Google Storage Services
  • Google Cloud APIs
  • Google networking services
  • IAM & security services
  • Migrating to the Google Cloud
  • Configuration Management and Automation
  • AWS Architectural
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Exam Questionnaires
  • Security Management in AWS
  • Object Storage Options
  • Amazon EC2
  • Load Balancing, Auto-Scaling And Route 53
  • Database Services And Analytics
  • Networking And Monitoring Services
  • Applications Services And AWS Lambda
  • Chatter
  • Data Management
  • Analytics Report and Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration


Mazenet’s cloud training will provide learning paths that helps professionals to enable self-paced learning. It also provides hands-on experience in the live cloud environments that helps in operating multiple clouds.

No, learning AWS does not require any programming skills. However, the knowledge in networking and hardware will come a handy solution to indulge in the training.

Cloud computing skills including database skills, programming skills, Linux, DevOps, quality assurance, and information security are required.