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AI and Blockchain are cutting-edge technologies and Mazenet has a power-packed curriculum. The Blockchain is the stored data in an encrypted immutable format. Artificial Intelligence is developed to make the machine capable of intelligent tasks.

Key Features

Course description

AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Mazenet’s Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning with TensorFlow is for aspiring Data Scientists who want to have rich hands-on training in various deep learning projects. Deep Learning is an AI function that emulates the human brain in creating patterns and processing information for decision making.

Natural Language Processing with Python

Learning NLP or Natural Language Processing identifies and separates words, builds fake news classifiers, and extracts topics in a text. The basic libraries like the NLTK use deep learning to solve common NLP issues. Your employee can get the foundation to process and parse text with Python learning.

Machine Learning with Mahout

Machine Learning with Mahout is a highly scalable machine learning library that makes it easy for developers to use optimized algorithms. Popular machine learning techniques, like classifications, recommendations and clustering are implemented by Mahout.

Course Preview

  • Introduction to Blockchain, the technology of Blockchain
  • Network and mechanism, history of the blockchain
  • The benefits of Blockchain
  • Peer to Peer systems, the block structure in the blockchain
  • What is Dynamic shared ledger?
  • How to build a blockchain solution?
  • Understanding what is bitcoin
  • The network of bitcoins
  • How to mine a bitcoin?
  • The various bitcoin wallets
  • What are the alternative blockchains available?
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Merkle Tree
  • The Ethereum environment
  • DApps, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
  • Identify Bitcoin and its Era Understand Where & How to Get Bitcoins
  • Identify Bitcoin Wallets
  • Identify Jaxx Wallet
  • Define Selling Bitcoins
  • Compare Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Transaction & Transaction Script Describe Various Transaction Forms in Bitcoin
  • Define Scripts in Bitcoin, List Nodes in Bitcoin Network
  • Understand Economics of Bitcoin
  • Define Bitcoin Mining
  • Describe Fabrication of a Block Header
  • Define Mining
  • Mining List Difficulties in Solo Mining
  • Understand Mining: By pool of Miners
  • Mining and consensus, autonomous verification of mining


It depends on the ability and the level of the expertise you are looking for.

Corporate training can be conducted either on the client’s premises or our premises. It depends upon the comfortability of the client. Our corporate trainers are ready to undergo training sessions effectively irrespective of the place.

The entire AI corporate training has been stuffed with real-time implementation. You will get hands-on experience with industry projects, Hackathons, and lab sessions. It will help in building the project portfolio.