Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Corporate Training

Mazenet relies on its strong network of 150+ professionals and industry experts who train more than 10,000 trainees every year. Mazenet’s Corporate Training solutions have kept businesses ahead of the technology curve for over 18 years. Get access to enhance the IT skills of your workforce with hands-on experience from our expert team of corporate trainers.

The alliance of Blockchain and Artificial intelligence is expected to create numerous opportunities. AI is the practice of building machines capable of performing tasks requiring intelligence. Cutting-edge technologies strive to bring this to reality including machine learning, artificial neural networks, and deep learning.


AI and Blockchain are cutting edge technologies and Mazenet has a power-packed curriculum. The Blockchain is stored data in an encrypted immutable format. Artificial Intelligence is developed to make the machine capable of intelligent tasks.

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Blockchain development

Take our Blockchain development courses and become a professional. This course will get you to work with various protocols, build real-time projects with applications, and acquire the skills for a career in this dynamic space.

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Ethereum Developer

Ethereum platform provides people to create decentralized applications (Dapps) with Blockchain technology. A Dapp tool allows people and business establishments to interact by coming together without any centralized means.

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A blockchain developer must know one of the modern programming languages including Java or C++. It helps to create blockchain applications and to learn contract-based or blockchain-based languages including Simplicity and Solidity.

The entire AI corporate training has been stuffed with real-time implementation. You will get hands-on experience with industry projects, Hackathons, and lab sessions. It will help in building the project portfolio.

You do not need programming language knowledge. But still, having basic knowledge about SQL queries, loops, if-else conditions, logical knowledge, and access will be an advantage.

Blue Prism does not require any coding as it completely tools based. It helps in developing the RPA software and to help industries in enhancing their business process.

After the famous trio (Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere ), Pega Systems’ new acquisition OpenSpan is the strongest among the rest of the options available.